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Hip Hop Dance - Your Online Guide

Hip Hop Dance is Cool!
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Do you get excited whenever the music is playing and you feel like dancing?
Is that passion burning inside your guts?
Will you dance till you drop?
If you're ready to answer this questions on the dance floor, then you're just at the right place! If you have that passion in you - you can make it happen!

Yo, Yo, What's uuuuuuuuuuuuup!!!!!!!!
Welcome to the hip hop territory!
If you're one of us, hip hop professionals, and even if you're not there yet you're invited to hip hop with us! This is what we offer:

Learn how to dance hip hop - step by step lessons, guided by a professional instructor. New and original combinations from beginners level through professionals.
•Find hip hop dance classes around the world.
•Find and publish dance auditions.
•Hip hop music - get information about the best hip hop music, performance and singers. Extend your private collection with special Cd's and my original mixes.
•Dance shoes - read about the hip hop dance and breakdance shoes, the best sneakers and the professional dance shoes.
•Dance wear - get information about hip hop dance wear, get updated with special costumes and accessories, that will help you look like a pro.
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•Pictures, wallpapers and ringtones - view a large collection of cool pictures, download wallpapers and ring tones.
•To complete your knowledge, I'll take you to a special journey through the history of hip hop, from the beginning till today. As you progress, you will develop your own freestyle...